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About Us

Family Owned and Operated since 1992

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We are a family owned company working with an extraordinarily talented team. We create custom tailored plans that will bring life to your newly crafted construction and interior design dream. Finished By Design is certified FSC Greenguard, partners in environmentally friendly products and construction. We Combine our professional building methods with the highest quality materials to ensure safety and health to you and your loved ones. We have been committed to providing our clients with superior results and assured satisfaction for decades.

The many long time satisfied clients of Finished By Design can speak on our family business values, and attest for our dedication to the art of woodworking, our reliance on quality materials, and our insistence on client satisfaction.

About Us

Finished By Design is a family owned & operated custom cabinetry and furniture company located in Los Angeles, California. Everything we create – each piece, every renovation — is specifically crafted for you and your home.  There is no “pre-fab” with us, no “assembly-line” refits; our customers always come to us for things they will not find in any other home.

Offering studio works in all design mediums, from flawless contemporary to exquisitely aged antique reproductions, we pride ourselves on the fact that every piece of cabinetry and furniture is custom built, utilizing only the very best materials available. Each of our finishes are individually applied and hand rubbed for spectacular results, paying close attention to detail while relying on old-world craftsman techniques, which have long been replaced by shoddy assembly-line production.

Finished By Design uses only the most up-to-date, environmentally friendly materials, and is certified by the F.S.C.*. We seek top quality metals for screws, brackets, and hardware, which has often led owner Salvador Torres as far as Austria and Germany, in order to bring every piece together, structurally, as a beautiful, functioning unit.

“I’m positive you’ll be completely satisfied with whatever it is we create for you! Together with my team, some whom I have had the pleasure of working with for more than 30 years, we’ll insure a seamless delivery and installation. Set up a meeting with me — bring along your ideas and visions for your home —  and together, we will get it done!”

Finished By Design offers all design styles from sleek, flawless contemporary to aged, antique reproductions. All of our products are available through our company, and our children’s furniture lines are also available through fine furniture retailers on both coasts.  We work with the design and construction trade, so there is always an open invitation to the trades and their clients to visit our manufacturing showroom where you can see product samples, look through thousands of finish samples and be inspired to have new pieces created.

Sal Torres

Founder/Master Craftsman

Salvador Torres has been crafting custom cabinetry and furniture since founding Finished By Design in 1992. His commitment to creating heirloom-quality furniture and cabinetry knows no bounds, and his love for his craft knows no measure.

A graduate of Los Angeles Trade Tech College, Sal spent a better part of his young adult life cultivating his expertise with the leaders in the field; artisans who taught him how to marry mathematics, drafting, building, and artistry with technique and craftsmanship to create divinely inspired pieces for your home.
Sal’s journey includes holding positions at two of Los Angeles’ premiere office furniture manufacturers, Executive Office Concepts and PCI Tandem Corp., both of whom instilled in him a dedication to getting things right the first time, so that every creation turns out as dramatically beautiful as it is imagined.

Sal’s undying dedication to his craft and to his family have made Finished by Design a successful endeavor with generational impact. His sons, James and Alex, are mainstays trivial to Finished By Designs ongoing success. By joining forces with James, a contractor, and Alex, a craftsman and framer, Sal has allowed Finish By Design to grow in directions beyond his own vision. Sal is committed to continue making Finished by Design an establishment that will serve this and future generations with mastery and one of a kind artisanship.

James Cambas

General Contractor

James is a diligent, hard-working, motivated and focused contractor with an extensive background in Finish carpentry and property management. He has a proven ability for trouble-shooting complicated tasks, while utilizing years of experience to solve problems and complete jobs.

Since 2001, he has been working side by side with his father creating the highly successful custom furniture and cabinetry that Finished By Design is known for. In 2010 James expanded his skills by gaining unique experience managing high end properties in the Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Malibu, The Palisades, and the Greater Los Angeles area. James is a multifaceted individual with an exclusive network of subcontractors that he tailors to each project, ensuring a first-rate outcome.

Over and above his wide range of qualifications, James’ strongest suit is undoubtedly his uncanny ability to listen to his customer’s visions, his effectiveness in making their plans come to life, and his dexterity in seeing every project to its fruition.

Accustomed to handling jobs that have sophisticated time-sensitive time-tables, James is always open to taking direction, and can supervise a team in order to see to a speedy and cost-efficient completion that surpasses the expectations of his clients.

Being a working Father of 2 with his wife in Los Angeles further instills in James the importance of the pride we long to feel in the uniqueness of our homes and work spaces. It is important to feel comfortable in our spaces not only for ourselves, but for our families. Professionalism, honesty, and kindness are the pillars of his worth ethic. He gives every project the same attention; the one with which he gives his own personal pursuits.

Alex Cambas

Master Framer/Foreman

Alex Cambas is the youngest of Sal’s sons and Finished By Design’s Master Framer and Foreman. After obtaining his Bachelor of The Arts in Sociology from San Diego State University, Alex took to the mountain resorts in Southwest Colorado where he perfected framing homes while aggressively engaging in his favorite hobby: Ice Hockey (Alex had played on the college team in San Diego and his heart is still married to the sport).

Having learned the art and techniques of woodworking from his father, Alex eventually returned home to take his place amongst the pantheon of artisans at Finished By Design – much to the overwhelming joy of our customers who welcomed Alex back with open arms. His warm smile, sunny disposition, and attention to detail make him a pleasure to work with, and one can always feel the pride of ownership he feels when completing a job well done.
Spend any time at all with Alex and you, too, will come to view him and a member of your own family and an invaluable member of the Finished By Design team.

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